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August 2008 -- Webinar Questions


We have not found any documentation that explains what the criteria for meeting the 8th grade literacy is. 8th Grade Tech Lit from the FAQ document on the MOSIS website:    Currently DESE does not have a state specific technology standard that 8th grade students should be measured against.  Districts are encouraged to use the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S).  More information about NETS*S can be found on the International Society for Technology in Education website at
Does it hurt to have an exit destination comment on all exits?  Even the in-state ones? You should be able to put exit comments in for all exits if you want.
How do we code a student who returned to our school from studying full-time with MoVIP? Students returning from a full time MOVIP are treated just as they transfered in from another public school district.
We have heard a rumor at our district that the templates will no longer be available for use if our data does not come over from our student records program correctly. Is that true? This is not true.
What is the entry code for a student who was promoted more than one grade level? If the student advanced the grades during the school year then use R104/R004 (Remained Changed Grade).  If the student changes these grades starting the next school year then use R101/R001 (Remained Advanced).
How is R102 different from R104? Difference between R102 and R104 is that a R102 occurs at the school year boundary.  R104 occurs during the school year.
The "Remained:  Changed Grade" will that work for a student who was advanced to another grade in the district, but is in a different building in the district? Darlene, If the student changes a building you use the transfer to a building.  Only use changed grade if they remain in that building.
If a student is in OSS at the end of the year, how do we report them? If it is a long term OSS they are a drop out.  If it is short term then count them absent.
What about mid-year demotions?  Do we still use the Remained Changed? Yes
Is there a way to correct the MOSIS data without recertifying? No
If we didn't have summer school so we do Aug. If you did not host summer school you will not report 2009 August MOSIS.
So is R103 not to be used when a change in status of grade level is the change.  R103 is now only for change in residency and full/part time? That is correct, the definition of R003 has been altered for SY2009 and no longer should be used for grade change.
Going back to entry and exit codes, Nevada has on onsite school at a residential treatment facility -- if I NEVER get a request for records on the students who are discharged from the facility are those coded as drop outs? If you do not know where the student went then yes they are a dropout.
Do we submit early childhood in august cycle? There is no need to report PK summer school.
If we have a Pre-K moving on into K this year, how do we code them?  E100 Initial Entry? If you have a student moving from Pre-K to K you code them as Remained advanced or transfered in.  Initial entry is only for students where no prior education entity can be determined.
If a preschool student quits do we show them as dropout? You can show a Pre-K student as a dropout.  We do not required attendance data for Pre-K so that data is not required. It won't hurt anything if you do reported them as a drop. Tom adds you can transfer them to home school if you would rather do that.
Will we need to go back and correct the 07-08 JUNE Cycle with the new codes that have been added in the High School Career Education Codes for the Perkins IV data? No we will not be retro adding those codes.  They apply for 2009 and forward.
Please clarify what a tech prep concentrator not participant and concentrator tech prep non participant means. Please see this link for those definitions.
How and from what type of submission/upload is the special education educator screen 20 information going to come from? All educator data will be coming from the October Educator submission.  All assignment data is coming from October Assignment submission.
What is summer membership? Summer Membership is the total number of hours possible the student could have attended.
Do we need a MOSIS id number for children of our teachers that are attending summer school? All students must have a MOSIS ID yes.
Can the August Summer School attendance be entered on the CORE-DATA screens this year instead of MOSIS? Everyone needs to report summer school through MOSIS.  If you cannot for any reason do this please contact DESE and consult with them.
If we have students in 6th grade and we have 6th grade summer school in the high school building, will we have problems with that? You will have no problems as long as you report your 6th grade summer school students with a reportingschoolcode that contains the 6th grade.  You cannot use your 1050 high school code for those students.
How do we report educators who are split between Middle and High School? If your educator is in more than one school then they would have more than 1 record in the Educator School file in the Educator System.
How will the students be linked to a teacher at the Highschool level? Students are tied to educators through the Student Assignment file which is linked to the Course Assignment file.  The Assignment file is then linked to the Educator submission.   Also Educator SSN is reported next to the state ID in the student assignment file.
Will the system recognize combined classes such as Art 1 and Art 2 during the same time period? The system has delivery systems of combined courses so yes it will recognize them.
How do we report enrollment for students taking movip courses facilitated by one teacher? MOVIP enrollments  will be reported in October Assignment submission.  The hours in June.
We have a student whose family is in the Missouri "Safe at Home" program where they have a mailing address in Jeff City and they do not have anything that shows their actual physical address for security purposes - will that affect our submission in regards to the students residency status? That will not affect residency no.
So, am I correct in understanding that the October educator information (screen 18 and 20) is an excel spreadsheet submission? Screen 18, 20, 22 are MOSIS submissions yes, they are not excel per say, instead they are comma or tab delimited files.
We had to submit December three times last year for MAP, SPED and MACII.  Will we have do that again this year? No December is only SPED for 2009. The new Assessment pre-code submisssion will deal with MAP, ect.
Parochial students attending summer school, do we assign them a MOSIS number just for the summer? Yes all students no matter what situation must have a MOSIS ID to be reported for summer school.
Students who are new to the district on Aug 20th are transfers in correct? Yes, unless they qualify as Initial Entry, but most likely yes they are transfer in.
Does initial entry only apply to kindergarten? Generally yes. (Initial entry into education.  Such as entering pre-school or kindergarten.)
Will you have excel spreadsheets for the EOC submissions? Yes, we will have templates for the Assessment Pre-Code.
Do we have to upload 09/15/08 if no one is being tested in our district? No, only upload EOC for the timeline you will be giving the test.
I thought EOC testing was at the end of the school year.  Is it for semester too? EOC is for "End of Course".  Course can certainly end at semester.
Do we send all students at each Assessment Pre-Coding and only fill in the conditional fields when the student taking the assessment?  Or do we only send the students taking the assessments? Just the ones that need the labels would be appropriate.
What subjects are being tested this year? Alg 1, Biology, English II
June cycle- screen 14 if fulltime/parttime hours displayed on the screen are not correct but the total attendance hours are correct is this acceptable? That is correct as long as the total hours are correct.
Itinerant speech Pre-K students receiving sp services, so they need a MOSIS number? Yes, all students that you provide service for need a MOSIS ID.
If an 8th grader passes Alg I EOC does it count even if they are not in hs? EOC Presentation link
With the due date for Summer EOC at the beginning of May, we won't know at that point which students will need to take the course in summer school.  What do we do if a student needs to enroll in that course for summer school after the May submission date? EOC Presentation link
We have elementary students taking Algebra I at the middle schools.  What do we do? EOC Presentation link
Do 8th grade students taking HS Algebra need EOC? EOC Presentation link
How are we supposed to be able to identify EASILY which kids should be included in each cycle and what about middle school and elementary eoc? EOC Presentation link
Are these training sessions listed the same as this webinar? Yes, they are listed on the DESE website.
What if we don't know if they came from a preschool or not?  We just put all of our Kindergarteners as Initial entry? Yes, that would be fine.
Should pre-school be included in Core Data? PK students are including in Special Education data and Sept. Enrollment, and Free and Reduced lunch counts on screen 15.
If august summer school data has already been submitted via core data do we need to go back and resend via mosis? Yes, you need to submit August via MOSIS as well.
If a remained advancing student advances from an elem. bldg. to a middle school bldg what exit/entry codes should be used? Remained Advanced  -- it is natural progression
So, we need to get MOSIS codes for International students attending school in the US for the first time, and students from out-of-state who have not attended a public school in Missouri before?  How do we request these?  (Missouri Academy) The process is the same for them.