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MOSIS Phase III -- Frequently Asked Questions



When you say submit every student for a cycle, is this a correct definition for "every student": All students in attendance on the last day of the 2006-07 school year PLUS new students registered in the district before or during the 2007-08 school year.


When will the federal government accept biracial as an ethnic group?

We will be changing to new racial codes over the next 3 years.

Is Migrant Status required for February Cycle?

Yes, Migrant is currently marked as required for February.

Please explain the code "C" in the file layout.

C means it is conditional.  There will be a rule that states when it is required or if it is required to be null or some specific value.

What if school was out the last day in January for a snow day?

That is still the count date, the students who are enrolled on that day are counted.  If the student was enrolled at the end of the previous school day they would still be enrolled on the count day.

When is the February cycle due?

February is a pilot so we will leave it open for awhile like we have the other pilot cycles

Will the high school also be reporting what Area Career Center they attended?

The high school does report the Area Career center.  CTE attending district code and school code are the fields for that.

Last years (06-07) seniors are not in our student records system.  We got new software (SIS) as of July 1, 2007 and did not enter past students.  Is there a template for this screen also?

There is a template you can download from the MOSIS website to fill out.

What if a graduate had more than 1 CIP and Program Type code?

When reporting you select which Program Type and select which CIP code.  A student can only be reported once.

Our school is K-8.  I do not fill out bottom of screen 8 or 26,27,29 in Core Data.  We report membership numbers of students grades 9-12 only.  High school reports all other info.  Will this graduate part of Feb trial apply to me or will this be done by the high school our 9-12 students attend?

The high school where they graduated will report the follow-up data.

Do adults need a MOSIS number?

Adults do need MOSIS IDs.  We now have a grade level field "AD" for them.

Do the CTE Codes come from the HS they attended or the Career center they attended?

Generally the CTE center should tell the High School what CTE code should be used.

On CTE Attending District Code, the students were enrolled here and attended here half day and were at VoTec school the other half of the day.  Would the CTE Attending District be the VoTec district code?

Yes the CTE code would be the Vo Tech.

Who is considered an adult?

Adults are adults enrolled in a 500+ clock hour program at an Area Career Center where the adult would earn a industrial recognized certificate..  Adults are those attending a CTE program that ends in 10, such as 0110, 0210, 0410.

Does IEP/Disabled include the 504 students?

No, IEP/Disabled do not include 504 students.

Do high schools need to report the follow-up info on vocational schools this year or will this be required in 2009?

High schools can report adults this year for the pilot.  It is not required till next year.

Last years graduates required 2 units of credit to be a Perkins Concentrator.  Should we use last years requirement for last years grads?

I believe you would use last year's Perkins Concentrator definition for last years grads.  The requirement for this year is 3 units of credit.

I assume that we make no reporting of non-responsive graduates?

You would use the category of Unknown for those non-responsive grads.

How would a student record system have the kids from 5 years ago in their fileset so we can put that follow up information in there? I don't understand how that will work, or if it actually will work.

I don't believe this fileset deals with 5 year follow-up at all.  It deals with 180 day follow-up I believe.

Is there a sample graduate follow up form available with all the required information?

There is a template you can download, but there is not sample data in it.

Would we use the 06-07 fileset to generate the 180 day followup information?

You would use your 06-07 data to fill out the 07-08 Graduate follow-up.

We have changed vendors for our student records. The follow up data will not be available to our new vendor. Should we use the excel template to do the follow up? We have Lumen as a vendor and we do have the capability to do the student core file but not the follow up info.

You may use the Template to submit the Graduate Followup File, however you should be able to submit the February Student Core to MOSIS from your system.

If info is submitted through MOSIS, do we still need to fill out the Core Data Screens?

Yes, you will for February.  Next February you will only do MOSIS.

Please explain a little more about the FTE field - what amount of time is calculated for that field

Students average hours per week divided by total possible hours the student could attend in a week.  Absence does not change FTE.

How should we report on 8th grade students who do not have a score or grade for Technology Literacy?

Currently DESE does not have a state specific technology standard that 8th grade students should be measured against.  Districts are encouraged to use the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S).  More information about NETS*S can be found on the International Society for Technology in Education website at

Is collecting single parent and displaced homemaker a required field?  What is the benefit of collecting this information?

That data is used on core data screen 29.  The single parent and displaced homemaker is only reported for Adults and Post-Secondary

We are a K-8 district.  Do we have to do the follow up graduates for K-8 or just receiving High schools will do it?

Just high schools

On screen 8, what does coop mean?

Coop is not in the MOSIS data file.  It was vocational data that is not collected any longer.

What does CTE stand for?

CTE is Career Technical Education. 

How do we get MOSIS id numbers for adults?  Is it the same process as for K-12 students?


Member FTE - in Feb StuCore layout v.14 it has length 4 with 2 decimals.  then shows decimal(3,2)

Decimal(3,2) is a database term and it does not take in account the spot for a decimal place.  In a textual sense the field is 4 length and 2 of those are decimals.

Is the Placement Zip Code a required field only for Career Centers or for the High School follow up as well?

Follow up zip code is only required for Adults.  If the CTE program code is an adult program then it is required.

What is the CTE Placement Relation?

CTE Placement indicates if the CTE content was related or not.

We are trying to certify our core and have found that our GPA's from SIS is I need to change all the GPA's by hand?  Why do you need GPA?

GPA is required by Core Data.  It is a performance indicator used by MSIP.

Is homemaker status for student or student's parent?

Displaced homemaker is for the student.

As a new school with no graduates, do we still have to submit info on the grad follow up file?

If the school has no previous year graduates then they will not provide any data for that building.

We obtained graduate information last year at the time of graduation.  Can we use this information, or should we make contact for updated information?

You should be contacting the graduate for updated information.

Our area students who attend morning or afternoon only -- is this part time?

You count the time they attend the area center as attending your district.  So if they are at your school for half the day and then an area center the other have they are a full time student.

Can a student be disadvantaged and IEP?

If a student is IEP & Disadvantaged they are to be reported as IEP only.

Will there be a specific count date for April?  Since testing is through out the entire month?  How would that work?

There is no specific count date like there is for October, December, and February.  The data should be the most current you have.

I see your definition for Perkins Concentrator has changed since the draft version of MOSIS, is this to be reported by the high school?

Perkins Concentrator will be required in June and yes the HS will report.

Will the career center complete screens 26 and 27 next year?

No next year the high school the student graduated from should report the data for that screen.

On screen 15 - free and reduced - the 'codes' you mentioned for free and reduced, right now in Lumen, we enter 'F' or 'R' - is this the code you are talking about with MOSIS?

Yes those are the lunch status codes.  F-Free, R-Reduced, U-Unreduced

Will the ELL Months in the USA be in the April core?

Yes, in April the Months in USA is used.

How do we count a student that attends career center in the morning and a private school in the afternoon, lives in our district? Are the part time student?

A student who goes to an area career center in the morning and to a private institution in the afternoon would be a part time student for your district.

Is GPA weighted or nonweighted?

GPA Definition: Students annual non-cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).  GPA can be reported with 3 decimal places.

April Core - Title III - We have two teachers whose salaries are funded by Title III, what students should we count as Title III if any?

 All students participating in the Title III program should be counted.

How is the technology census tied to student data?

Tech Census is not tied to the student data other that the 8th grade tech lit.

Is it pretty safe to say that the "conditional" fields are for adult learners only?

The conditional fields in the graduate file are mostly for Adults.

For Educator SSN--Who is the educator?

Educator in grad followup is for the educator who provided instruction for that CIP code.

Point of Clarification:  Will Area Career Centers manually input Screen 27 into Core Data, or will the Career Centers send the information to each district to input this year?

They will do screen 27 this year like they have in the past.

What is the correct output format for StuCore Member FTE?

The format should be N.NN I will revisit those numbers in the layout.  They do look incorrect.

I have a general question.  In the future, will everything that is currently submitted through the Core Data screens be submitted instead through file uploads, or will there still be some information that is entered directly on the Core Data screens as they exist now?

Not all data collected through core data will be collected through MOSIS at this time.

Since area career centers need to send information to our HS now - is that for coredata, MOSIS or both?

This year you will do it how you have in the past.  However, you will want to get the data from the career center so that you can send it into the MOSIS pilot.