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MOSIS -- Project Overview

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is developing a student-level record system, to be called Missouri Student Information System (MOSIS), that contains a randomly generated state identification number for every student receiving service in the public schools.

The goals of MOSIS are to: reduce data burden on local schools and districts; encourage better policy-making by maintaining a cost-effective and reliable method of reporting and accessing accurate and timely educational information; and eliminate the need for manual operations before data can be used. Through the use of the state identifier, MOSIS will provide more accurate data, reduce the time needed for data collection, and allow quicker responses to data requests.

Phase I of the system involves implementing and customizing the student ID software, developed by eScholar, and training district/school staff to use the software. Upon completion of the training, the software will be used to assign a randomly generated state number to each student and send those numbers back to the schools for inclusion in district/school student information systems. This phase will be concluded by early summer 2005.

Phase II of the project will begin with a fall collection of the additional data items (student demographic data) needed to pre-code the state assessment forms for the 2006 administration of the MAP test.

Phase III which began in September of 2006 is to transition the current Core Data collection system from an aggregate student data collection to a student level data collection system.