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MOSIS -- Directions for User Access

The Unique ID system assigns a 10-digit ID to a student based on several pieces of data about that student (i.e. first name, last name, date-of-birth, race, gender, etc.). There are two ways to assign an ID number: “batch file” submission or “online” submission.
The “batch file” submission is a file extraction from your local student information system that will contain all of the students in your district. This file is submitted via the Web. The file is processed, and each student is assigned an ID. The “online” submission allows a user to key in the information about a student which is then processed, and the student is assigned an ID.

There are two levels of security built into the system. One is district-level security, which allows the user to submit student records for all students within the district. The second is building-level security, which allows the user to submit student records only for the students within that building.

How to Get Access to MOSIS

Step 1: Determine who within the district needs access to the system and at what level (district- or building-level security).

Step 2: From the MOSIS Web site,, click on the User Access link listed under the documentation section.

Step 3: Submit the form and print the “MOSIS Access Request Form.”

Step 4: The “MOSIS Access Request Form” needs to be signed by the user receiving access and by the superintendent or authorized representative. The Security Pin Code must be filled in.  For a lost or forgotten security pin code, call (573) 522-3207.

Step 5: Send the signed “MOSIS Access Request Form”
FAX TO: (573) 526-4125, or
MAIL TO: Office of Data System Management, ATTN: Security Administrator, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, PO Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480

Step 6: The user requesting access will receive confirmation by email once access has been provided.