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Data System Management

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Administrative Memos

Administrative Memos are used to transmit information related to the policies or administration of programs coordinated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  In addition to being posted in this section, these memos may be distributed via e-mail or the postal service to the appropriate points of contact for specific programs.



10-18-13 LS-13-004 MSIP5--Refreshed Data for Use in the 2014 APR Learning Services
06-17-13 LS-13-003 2013 Data Release Reminders Learning Services
04-23-13 LS-13-002 Data Release and Appeals Process Learning Services
01-31-13 LS-13-001 Technical Skills Attainment (TSA) Data Entry--Reporting an Industry Recognized Credential/Certificate (IRC) Learning Services
01-08-13 DSM-13-001 Planning Tool Data System Management
11-08-12 LS-12-007 Draft MSIP 5 Annual Performance Reports-Update Learning Services
10-12-12 LS-12-006 Draft MSIP 5 Annual Performance Reports Learning Services
06-22-12 LS-12-003 Data Release and Appeals Process Learning Services
01-26-12 LS-12-002 Missouri Student Survey 2011-2012 Learning Services
01-20-12 LS-12-001 Opening 2011-12 ePeGS Planning Tool Learning Services
01-17-12 DSM-12-002 Web Security Changes Data System Management
01-06-12 DSM-12-001 Student Information System Contract Awarded Data System Management
10-26-11 DSM-11-005 New Four-Year High School Graduation Rate Data System Management
07-25-11 DSM-11-004 State Assessment Appeals Data System Management



LS-11-004 2010-2011 Performance Data Release Schedule Learning Services
06-07-11 DSM-11-003 Office Updates: Student Information System RFP and FAFSA Filing Rates Data System Management
05-12-11 DSM-11-002 End of Year Data Collection for 2010-2011 Data System Management
05-04-11 DSM-11-001 School Administrators' Conference Data Fair Data System Management
04-27-11 LS-11-003 Special Education End-of-Year Reporting Learning Services
ePeGS Planning Tool "Open New Year"
Learning Services
End-of-course Accountability and Testing Requirements
Learning Services