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Helping School License Plate

Show Your Support for Education with a
Personalized "Helping Schools" License Plate

The Missouri Legislature authorized the "Helping Schools" personalized license plate as a way to benefit elementary and secondary schools in Missouri. According to the law (Section 301.454), any school (public or private) or nonprofit organization connected with a school may participate in the program. Proceeds from the Helping Schools license plate may be used for "any academically related purpose."

Participating schools and organizations receive $15 per year from the applicant for each personalized plate.  Applicants also pay $15 per year to the Missouri Department of Revenue when requesting and renewing their Helping Schools license plates.

Note:  The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education does not manage or regulate the Helping Schools license plate program. The Department receives no funds through the program. It is up to local schools to decide if they wish to participate and to develop their own procedures for receiving and using contributions.

How to Obtain a Helping Schools License Plate
  1. Contact your local school or school district. Find out if the school is participating and who the contact person is for the Helping Schools license plate.
  1. Make a contribution of $15 per year to the sponsoring school or education-related organization. When this contribution is paid, the sponsoring organization will issue an "emblem-use authorization form."   This  form must be signed by a representative of the sponsoring organization. This form is your receipt and you must have one to obtain the license plate. 
  1. Complete the "Application for Missouri Personalized and Special License Plates," Form 1716. (This form can be obtained from the Department of Revenue or your local license office.)   Submit the completed form, the emblem-use form and the state fee of $15 per year to the Department of Revenue.
  1. You will be notified by mail when your plates are available at your local license office.
Tips for Participating Schools & Organizations

Any school or school district (public or private), or nonprofit school-related organizations, may participate in the Helping Schools license plate program. It is not necessary to "register" with anyone to take part in the program.

If your school or organization chooses to participate, we recommend the following:

  • Notify officials at your local driver’s license office about your plans. See if they have suggestions to help you manage the program smoothly. Let them know who the contact persons are in your school or organization.
  • Establish clear procedures on how contributions will be collected and allocated. Make sure school personnel and community members know where and how to make their contributions. Funds collected through this program may be used at the school district level, at the building level, or by a designated organization (such as a PTA, a scholarship committee or foundation, etc.). It is important that you let patrons, school personnel and parents know how the proceeds from their contributions will be used.
  • Keep accurate records.

If you require additional information, you may phone (573-526-5248) e-mail or visit the Missouri Department of Revenue’s web site.

Thank you for supporting quality education in Missouri.

Buckle up and drive safely!