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Denying Meals


United States Department of Agriculture

FNS Instruction 791-1
Rev. 1

Prohibition Against Denying Meals and Milk to Children as a Disciplinary Action


This Instruction prohibits the denial of meals and milk as a disciplinary action against any child who is enrolled in a school participating in the Child Nutrition Programs. Such denial of meals or milk is inconsistent with Sections 2 and 9 of the National School Lunch Act and Sections 2, 3, and 4 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966.


Disciplinary action which indirectly results in the loss of meals or milk is allowable (e.g., a student is suspended from school). However, when the withholding of meals or milk is the disciplinary action, it is inconsistent with the law and is not allowable (e.g., a student is suspended from school during the meal or milk period only).


A.  State Agencies or Regional offices, where applicable, shall:

B.  LEAs shall: