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Business Education Competencies

The competencies for the following business education courses were developed by advisory committees. Each set of  competencies is intended to serve as a basis for your course curriculum.  Each list is neither inclusive nor required in its entirety.  You may select competencies from one or more lists, revise existing competencies, and develop additional competencies of your own to define the outcomes you expect your students to achieve.  The Show-Me Standards identified provide a guide.  If activities you choose better align with other Standards, you should align your competencies/ objectives to those Standards instead of those shown. 


  Competency / Instructional Framework Competency Crosswalk
Accounting I (doc) (pdf)
Accounting II (doc)
Business Communication (doc) (pdf)
Business Computer Programming (doc) (pdf)
Business Economics (doc) (pdf)
Business Management (doc) (pdf)
Business and Personal Law (doc) (pdf)

Business Technology


Computer Business Applications

Digital Communications (doc) (pdf)
Electronic Business (doc) (pdf)
Financial Management (doc) (pdf)

Graphic Arts/Desktop Publishing

(doc) N/A
International Business (doc) (pdf)
Introduction to Business (doc) (pdf)
Keyboarding (doc) (pdf)
Mathematics in Business (doc) (pdf)


(doc) N/A
Network Administration (doc) (pdf)
Personal Finance   (pdf)

Web Design

(doc) N/A