Missouri Career Education

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Missouri FCCLA Membership Kit

To request the annual FCCLA Membership Kit, contact the national office after August 1. Visit: http://www.fcclainc.org/content/membership.

Chapter Start-Up Checklist

Do not hesitate to contact the state office, state or regional officers, or other advisors for assistance.  We want you and your chapter to be successful.  Your participation makes Missouri FCCLA stronger!

National and State FCCLA Structure

All of the “parts” of FCCLA work together, none are more “important” than the other.  Without membership, all the other FCCLA structures would not hold together.  Without a national governing body, there is no organized, national structure linking all of the chapters together.  So, this chart is not done to show more or less importance, but to show the “flow” of the FCCLA structure.

Missouri FCCLA Chapters

347 chapters with 11,403 members

(governed by a Chapter President and Chapter Officers, advised by a local family consumer sciences teacher)

14 Missouri Regional Associations

(governed by a Regional President and Regional Executive Council, advised by the regional advisor)

Missouri State Executive Council

(composed of a state officer from each of the 14 regions, 2 national officer candidates, 1 occupational membership representative, advised by the state advisor within the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education)

State Associations

(divided into 4 national regions — North Atlantic, Southern, Central and Pacific)

National Executive Council

(10 members, 1 from each national region plus 6 at-large officers,

advised by national staff)

National Board of Directors

(composed of membership eleted by related organizations and groups,

members ex-officio, youth members and members elected by the board, including local advisors, maximum of 18 members)

National Staff

Executive Director and Staff in Reston, Virginia