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GED Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions and Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers:

A minimum standard score of 2250, which is an average of 450 on the five tests, with no score below 410, is necessary to qualify for the certificate.  Scores are valid for two years from test date.

Language Arts, Reading:  Literary Texts (poetry; drama: prose fiction before 1920, between 1920-1960, and after 1960) (75%); Nonfiction Prose (25%)

Language Arts, Writing Part I:  Organization (15%); Sentence Structure (30%); Usage (30%); Mechanics (25%); Part II:  Essay (45-minute direct writing exercise).

Mathematics:  Number Operations and Number Sense (25%); Measurement and Geometry (25%); Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability (25%); Algebra, Functions, and Patterns (25%).

Science:  Life Science (45%); Earth and Space Science (20%); Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics) (35%).

Social Studies:  National History (25%); World History (15%); Economics (20%); Civics and Government (25%); Geography (15%).

You will receive your test results in 2-3 weeks after you have taken the test.  Your results will be posted on our online transcript webpage.  You will receive a score report and GED certificate by mail if you qualify.