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Personal Plans Of Study

Developing a Personal Plan of Study: Looking Ahead When Choosing Classes



Camille MacDonald
Career Education Coordinator

Southeast Missouri

Courtesy of KLUH-FM

Poplar Bluff, Mo.

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aired 4/20/10 )

Every student − not just some − must set educational goals and create a college and career roadmap for success in high school and beyond. This roadmap, or personal plan of study, includes development of a flexible career focus and an education plan that is clearly-defined, rigorous, and relevant to assure a successful and efficient transition to postsecondary education and/or the world of work.

A personal plan of study (PPS) is a student's scope and sequence of coursework and related activities based upon their chosen Career Path or Career Cluster.  (A PPS is a relatively new term, so it may be known by other names in different localities across the state, such as an education plan.)

The foundation of the personal plan of study is the school-approved program of study for the student's Career Cluster.  It is a roadmap that includes graduation requirements, approved coursework for the student's educational and career goals, and developmentally-appropriate, work-based learning experiences.

A PPS is developed cooperatively with the student and the student's counselor, teachers, and family members. The plan is reviewed at least annually and is revised as needed.

Individual Planning On Guidance e-Learning Center

Individual Planning information can be found on the Guidance e-Learning Center hosted by the Missouri Center for Career Education(MCCE).

Sample Plans Of Study

Samples of Nationally developed Plans of Study aligned with the nationally recognized sixteen career clusters are available for review on the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education  website.

Missouri Connections

All Missouri students, working with their counselors and parents/guardians, can develop and achieve this roadmap with school, community, and state supports. Key supports include a fully-implemented comprehensive guidance and counseling program in every school, along with 24/7 access to the state-sponsored Missouri Connections website.

Missouri Connections helps students open the door to career exploration and educational planning. Sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Missouri students in public and private schools (grades 7-20), their parents, guidance counselors, and educators can use the online system at no charge. 

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