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About High Schools That Work

About High Schools That Work
High Schools That Work (HSTW) is a whole-school, research and assessment-based reform effort for grades 9 through 12 established in 1987 by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB).

This initiative offers a framework of goals, key practices, and key conditions for accelerating student learning and raising standards. Its recommended actions give direction as schools work to improve both academic and career education. According to An Educators’ Guide to School Wide Reform that was issued by the Washington-based American Institute for Research, HSTW is one of only three popular school reform models with strong evidence supporting its efficacy in improving student achievement.

More than 1,100 schools or systems in the consortium of states function as HSTW sites. Missouri joined the HSTW consortium in February 2001, because it connects well with state efforts to upgrade graduation requirements. HSTW, which integrates academic and career education areas, can serve as one of the multiple pathways by which students can meet state standards.

During the 2007-2008 School Year, Missouri also began funding grants for schools seeking to implement two parallel SREB school improvement initiatives, Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) and Technology Centers That Work (TCTW), an enhanced design of HSTW and has been tailored to meet the unique needs of shared-time area career centers.

Entering the 2009-2010 School Year, Missouri’s network of schools involved with HSTW, TCTW, and MMGW totals 72 sites: 52 high schools, 12 area career centers, and 8 middle schools. Following is a list of schools, with a notation of their program affiliation.

• Arcadia Valley Career Technical Center (Ironton, MO), TCTW
• Arcadia Valley High School (Ironton, MO), HSTW
• Arcadia Valley Middle School (Ironton, MO), MMGW
• Ava High School, HSTW
• Bakersfield High School, HSTW
• Bakersfield Middle School, MMGW
• Belle High School, HSTW
• Bismarck High School, HSTW
• Boonslick Technical Education Center (Boonville, MO), TCTW
• Bowling Green High School, HSTW
• Bunker High School, HSTW
• Cape Girardeau Career and Technical Center, TCTW
• Carrollton High School, HSTW
• Carthage Technical Center, TCTW
• Caruthersville High School, HSTW
• Cass Career Center (Harrisonville, MO), TCTW
• Cassville High School, HSTW
• Central High School (Park Hills, MO), HSTW
• Central Middle School (Park Hills, MO), MMGW
• Crest Ridge High School (Centerview, MO), HSTW
• Davis H. Hart Career Center (Mexico, MO), TCTW*
• East Newton High School (Granby, MO), HSTW
• Ervin Middle School (Hickman Mills C-1 School District, Kansas City), MMGW
• Farmington High School, HSTW
• Fatima High School (Westphalia, MO), HSTW
• Festus High School, HSTW
• Fredericktown High School, HSTW
• Hazelwood-Central High School, HSTW
• Hazelwood-East High School, HSTW
• Hazelwood-West High School, HSTW
• Hickman Mills High School (Hickman Mills C-1 School District, Kansas City), HSTW
• Herndon Career Center (Raytown, MO), TCTW
• Holden High School, HSTW
• Hollister High School, HSTW
• Jackson High School, HSTW
• Kennett Career and Technical Center, TCTW
• Kennett High School, HSTW
• Kennett Middle School, MMGW
• Lee’s Summit High School, HSTW
• Lee’s Summit-West High School, HSTW
• Lexington High School, HSTW
• Mehlville High School, HSTW
• Monett High School, HSTW
• North County Technical High School (Florissant, MO), HSTW
• Odessa High School, HSTW
• Perryville Area Career and Technical Center, TCTW
• Perryville High School, HSTW
• Pleasant Lea Middle School (Lee’s Summit), MMGW
• Pike/Lincoln Technical Center (Eolia, MO0, HSTW
• Pleasant Hill High School, HSTW
• Poplar Bluff High School, HSTW
• Potosi High School, HSTW
• Raymore-Peculiar High School, HSTW
• Ruskin High School (Hickman Mills C-1 School District, Kansas City), HSTW
• Seneca High School, HSTW
• Smith Hale Middle School (Hickman Mills C-1 School District, Kansas City), MMGW
• South Central Area Career Center (West Plains, MO), TCTW
• South County Technical High School (Sunset Hills, MO), HSTW
• Southwest High School (Washburn, MO), HSTW
• Sullivan High School, HSTW
• Summit Lakes Middle School (Lee’s Summit, MO), MMGW
• Summit Technology Academy (Lee’s Summit, MO), TCTW*
• Tipton High School, HSTW
• Troy Buchanan High School, HSTW
• Truman High School (Independence, MO), HSTW
• Waynesville High School, HSTW
• Webb City High School, HSTW
• West County High School (Leadwood, MO), HSTW
• William Chrisman High School (Independence, MO), HSTW
• Willow Springs High School, HSTW
• Winfield High School, HSTW.

* Davis H. Hart Career Center and Summit Tech Academy have entered into direct agreements with SREB and are presently independent of the DESE HSTW/TCTW/MMGW funding stream, but are considered as part of the State’s network of sites.

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