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Technical Skill Attainment

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New Guidelines

The Perkins Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) requires 2S1 Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) to measure the percentage of Career and Technical Education (CTE) concentrators who pass a skill assessment aligned with industry-recognized standards, if available and appropriate.

Previously, with Perkins III, it was not specified how assessments were to be given.  Local Education Agencies (LEAs) used a variety of methods to assess technical skills including grade point average and locally developed assessments.  Perkins IV outlines more specific requirements and guidelines in the type of assessment used to measure CTE skill proficiency.  (Click here to view the technical assessments currently approved by the Division.)

TSA is intended to be taken after a student becomes a concentrator and completes a program.  It is not intended to be taken after every course.  Eventually, all concentrators who complete a program will be expected to take a technical skill assessment.  This process will be phased-in over the next three to four years.

The Division recognizes that many assessments are presently available, as well as new ones being developed, that would meet the Perkins IV guidelines for TSA.  Currently, the Division has determined that assessments tools developed by National organizations such as American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), Skills USA, and NOCTI meets the criteria established by Perkins IV.  The state will continually monitor and incorporate new assessments as they become available and if appropriate. 

Districts currently using an assessment they believe would qualify as an industry recognized assessment, but not administered by a National organization, should contact their Program Director at the Division for guidance.

For additional questions, contact Kristie Davis, supervisor, Administration and Accountability, (573) 526-4987.