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Technical Skill Attainment

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Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes pre-engineering and biomedical science programs. At the end of each PLTW course, students are required to pass an end of course (EOC) assessment before he/she can take the next course in the PLTW sequence.

Once the student completes three credits in a sequence the PLTW student will become a concentrator. All schools participating in the PLTW program are required to administer the exam after each course.

The Division of Career Education has determined for the purpose of the Perkins IV indicator Technical Skill Attainment (TSA), the end-of-program skill assessment for PLTW students will be the EOC (college) exam taken after each course. Once the student completes the program and passes all of the EOC exams, they will be considered as passing their TSA. However, if the student does not pass all of the EOC exams, they will be considered as failing their TSA.

For additional information on PLTW exams, please contact Janice Rehak.