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Special Needs


The Perkins Act helps provide supplementary services which are essential for members of special populations to successfully participate in career education programs. Funds may be used for:

Guidance, Assessment, Career Development and Placement Services can help ensure students are placed in appropriate career education programs, help them complete the programs and move successfully from school to employment or further training. Specific services in these areas may include: counseling; career assessment; occupational orientation; acquisition of career awareness and exploration materials; dropout prevention; outreach; placement and follow-up.

Basic Skills Instructors provide individual or small-group instruction in mathematics, reading and writing skills essential for successful completion of a career training program. The instruction is provided in cooperation with the career education teacher and concurrently with enrollment in a career education program.

Supplemental Professional Instructors help career education teachers provide the additional instruction that special population students require to succeed in their career education programs.

Career Education Teacher Aides assist career education teachers by reinforcing instruction, monitoring students at work stations in a laboratory, and helping with competency testing.