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About Technology & Engineering Education

The purpose of Technology and Engineering is to develop technological literacy as part of all students' fundamental education through a hands-on contextual study of past, present, and future technological systems and their resources, processes, and impact on society. One of the main goals of Technology and Engineering in Missouri is the advancement of the technological capabilities for all students and to promote the pursuit of professionalism and excellence.

Missouri’s Technology and Engineering profession affirms that its programs should teach about technology and engineering, using technology and engineering in a way that serves as a vehicle to build understanding, skills, and attitudes that can be applied to society in general, regardless of career aspirations.  Furthermore because all people are affected by technology, and because of technology’s increasing presence in our lives, students from kindergarten to twelfth grade should be involved with learning about and using technology.

In addition to classroom/ laboratory experiences, students participate in the Technology Student Association (TSA). Activities of the TSA are an integral part of the instructional program because they promote leadership skills, high standards of craft quality, scholarship, and safety. Opportunities are provided for involvement with the community's industrial and technological resources, in parliamentary procedures and democratic decision making, and for recognition for exemplary performance.

"Technology and Engineering is all the knowledge and actions that people use to create the human built world".