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The Troops To Teachers program along with the Missouri Veterans Education and Training Section produces an electronic newsletter highlighting items of interest to veterans. 

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Program Overview

The Troops To Teachers (TTT) program seeks to place retiring military personnel and other eligible persons in second careers as public school teachers in elementary, secondary, career and technical, or special education schools. Aims of this program are to relieve teacher shortages, especially in math, science, special education and other high needs subject areas, while also assisting military personnel in making successful transitions to second careers in teaching.

The program was established in 1994 by the Department of Defense, then was transferred to the Department of Education in 2000 for oversight and funding. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 provides for the continuation of the TTT program.  This program is managed by DANTES in Pensacola, FL.

The program has the potential to link Troops To Teachers with the GI Bill to create a truly unique incentive to attract high quality role models to help alleviate the shortage of qualified teachers.

Troops To Teachers stipend and bonus money also is available for qualifying veterans teaching vocational subjects, such as (but not limited to) automotive repair, carpentry, computer repair, and welding. Eligible candidates must have at least one year equivalent of college and a minimum of six years experience in a related field or meet state requirements.

Central States

The Veterans' Education and Training section is a liaison office for the federal Troops To Teachers Program serving veterans in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. It is among the network of state TTT offices that has been established to provide participants with counseling and assistance regarding certification requirements, routes to state certification, and employment leads.

The section provides prospective participants information on how to register on the national website, encourages school districts to register their teaching vacancies on the national website, and provides information about colleges and universities offering alternative teacher certification programs.

Financial assistance may be provided to eligible individuals. Some veterans may qualify for and receive VA benefits and TTT stipends or bonus funds.  See On-The-Training and Apprenticeship section for details.  Stipends up to $5,000 may help reimburse teacher certification costs, or bonuses of $10,000 may be provided to participating teachers in schools serving a high percentage of students from low-income families. Participants who accept the stipend or bonus must agree to teach for three years in targeted schools in accordance with the authorizing legislation.

The Troops to Teachers Referral Assistance and Placement service is managed by the DANTES Troops to Teachers office in Pensacola, FL.


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Check out the following video to see an overview of the Troops To Teachers program.  It also includes the Troops To Teachers music video written and recorded by country music singer/songwriter Thom Shepherd.  A must see!

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A Lesson Plan for the GI Bill

U.S. History / Social Studies Grades 6 - 12

On June 22, 1944, the GI Bill of Rights was passed by Congress and signed by President Roosevelt.  This four-day lesson on the GI Bill is designed to make students aware of the contributions of Veterans and the history of the GI Bill as it relates to World War II.  Please feel free to use it as you see fit.

Please  provide feedback to

Let us know if you have used this and if you and your students find it useful and beneficial.


For more information, contact the Veterans Education and Training Section at (877) 530-2765 or:

Chad Schatz, Director

Veterans Education and Training

(573) 751-3487

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Jefferson State Office Building, 4th Floor

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Mailing Address:

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