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Grade-Level Expectations


Mathematics    Word | PDF | EXCEL
March 2, 2004

Mathematics Grade-Level Expectations Examples

Posted November 1, 2005

Mathematics K-6 Glossary  (PDF)
DRAFT February 25, 2005

Mathematics 7-12 Glossary  (PDF)
DRAFT June 8, 2005

The mathematics Grade-Level Expectations are organized according to
Strand (number and operations, measurement, etc.);

Big Idea (e.g., 1. Understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers and number systems);

Concept (e.g., B. Represent and use rational numbers); and

Grade (e.g., 04)

We have aligned each Grade-Level Expectation to the Show-Me Standards (content and process) and to benchmarks from the Frameworks for Curriculum Development.

The mathematics Grade-Level Expectations is a living document.  When issues are found, updates will be made and announced.

We continue to work with math specialists on the Glossary for the mathematics Grade-Level Expectations. This Glossary will include examples, elaborations, and/or explications of the GLEs, along with definitions of terms.  The draft versions of the K-6 and the 7-12 math glossary and examples has been posted. Please check the curriculum web pages for updates.