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English Language Arts - Resources

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Elementary Middle School

ELA Common Core Resources For Elementary Educators From Edutopia

Let Them Read Stories by Ariel Sack
Literacy Unpacked: What Do We Mean By Literacy? Sarah Tantillo has written two articles: Tools to Unpack the ELA Common Core Standards and The #1 Close Reading Skill.
Interesting article by husband and wife team Liben and Liben. ‘Both and’ Literacy Instruction K-5: A Proposed Paradigm Shift for the Common Core State Standards ELA Classroom  


Reading Writing Vocabulary
Text-complexity is a hot topic. This site provides information and samples. Common Core In Action: Narrative Writing from Edutopia Consider Fisher and Frey’s: Considerations for Selecting Vocabulary Words.
  Need student writing samples complete with annotations? Try this: In Common: Effective Writing for all Students Todd Finley wrote: 8 Strategies for Teaching Academic Language
  The Aspen Institute recently produced Tools for Teachers: Engaging in Academic Writing. They've included all sorts of fantastic resources.  
  Success at the Core has developed 24 strategies that include videos, lesson plans, and handouts.  


Sharing with Stakeholders Assessment

Looking for a way to share with parents the rigor of the new assessments?  Check out what this school did.

Missouri teachers are helping Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium produce the Digital Library for Formative Assessments.  If you’d like to know more, here’s a great video describing the quality criteria for all uploaded resources.  


Free and public domain books and materials can be found at: