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SUBJECT:  Project Construct Fall Schedule is Ready!


If you are providing Preschool services with your Title I funds, you are required to implement a research based curriculum in your preschool classroom.  Project Construct is a research based curriculum; the training to use this curriculum could be funded with your Title I funds.  Information about training opportunities from Project Construct are below.

Dear Educators:

We are pleased to announce that the Project Construct Fall Training Schedule is complete and we are now taking registrations.  Also, the revised (3rd edition) of the Project Construct Early Childhood Framework will be available soon (see below).  You may download the flyer and registration form and view the schedule at

WHAT's NEW?  In addition to the regular Project Construct training that we are offering this fall--including Modules 1 and 2  in Kansas City and St. Louis areas (we will have Module 3 in January), and 3-hour workshops--Teaching Letters and Sounds and Math Games: Creating Games that Maximize Mathematical Thinking, as well as Modules 2 and 3 of the Infants & Toddlers Institute, we are offering some new training opportunities:

(1) Many of you have made inquiries regarding Missouri's adopted Common Core standards and how they relate to Missouri Early Learning Goals and to Project Construct.  Janet Rinehart is facilitating a three-hour workshop on just this topic, called Making Connections: Common Core, Early Learning Goals, and Project Construct--How it All Works Together, on September 14 at Blue Springs (please get your registration in right away for this one!)  and November 23 at St. Charles Community College.  You won't want to miss this presentation!

(2) We have also responded to requests for Project Construct training that is adapted for the Early Childhood Special Education professional.  Therefore, we are offering Module 1 (10-hours, 2 days) of Foundations of Project Construct for Early Childhood Special Educators on October 5 & 12 at Grandview Elementary School in Higginsville. 

We are continuing the Infants & Toddlers Institute-- Modules 2 and 3 (one day each) at the St. Charles Community College CDC on September 28 and October 5 and at UMKC Berkley CFDC on November 2 and 16.

NOTE: The revised (3rd edition) Project Construct Early Childhood Framework for Curriculum and Assessment  is now at the printers (will now be in book format) and will be provided to Module 1 participants at the Fall institutes and modules.  We will also offer previous Project Construct participants, including those who will be taking Module 2 in the fall, the opportunity to purchase the revised framework at a reduced price.  See the registration form for more information.  If you wish to place an order and are not registering for any fall sessions, please note that the new frameworks will not be available until after September 1.

Please let Cindy Stone know if you have any questions or if she may be of assistance in helping you to complete your registration.  As always, Project Construct will be flexible in adapting to the billing needs of your school district or program.


Cindy Stone, MOT/PC Coordinator

315 Bernadette, Suite 4, Columbia, MO  65203

(573) 445-7457 (new phone)

(573) 445-7471 (new fax)

Julia Cowell

Director, Federal Compliance

Ph.  573-751-8289

Fax 573-526-6698