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Archived FedPro Message

SUBJECT:  9/30 Report

LISTSERVE MESSAGE DATE:   September 12, 2013

Your district is required to submit the 9/30 Report (Report of Expenditures and Obligations as of September 30) if your district has Title I.A funds in excess of the 15% carryover rule in section 1127(a) of ESEA.

The purpose of the 9/30 Report is to provide documentation of expenditures and legal obligations from July 1, 2013 (or substantially approved date) through September 30, 2013 for your 2013-2014 program.  Since September 30 is the end of the federal fiscal year, this information is needed to accurately determine that schools did not exceed the carryover limitation.

For SY 2013-2014, the Department received a waiver of the limitation on carryover in section 1127(b) of ESEA prohibiting the Department’s ability to grant to its LEAs a waiver of the 15% carryover limitation more than once every three years.  The waiver allows us to grant carryover waivers to districts that have already received a waiver in the past two years.

For 9/30 Report Instructions and answers to frequently asked questions, please go to the 9/30 Report Instructions at

The 9/30 Report for year 2013-2014 will open in ePeGS in late September.  The deadline to submit the 9/30 Report is October 25, 2013.  If you have questions, please contact our office at 573-751-2641 or

Pat Kaiser

Director, Federal Financial Management

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education