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Archived FedPro Message

SUBJECT:  Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements


On March 25, 2010, a letter regarding NCLB Highly Qualified Teachers was sent to your district.  After numerous telephone calls, there are several issues that we would like to clarify.

  1. If your district had not certified your MOSIS October Course Assignment file, the letter would have indicated MOSIS “No”.  If your MOSIS has now been certified, send us a letter indicating that your October Course Assignment file is certified and the date it was certified.  The 09-10 data indicated in the letter is preliminary data and will not be final until all districts have certified their MOSIS file. 
  2. For Special Education Teachers trying to document compliance to HQT using the HOUSSE form, there must be a separate HOUSSE form for each content area they are teaching.  For example, a High School Special Education teacher teaching Math and Science would need a HOUSSE form for Math and a HOUSSE form for Science in order to be considered Highly Qualified for each course.
  3. In the past, we did not send out HOUSSE forms for Social Studies teachers with lifetime certification.  These are now required.
  4. By error, we included teachers coded with the delivery system IC  (Instructional Coach).  Since these staff members do not teach a core academic subject, they are not subject to the HQT requirements.  Please note in your response to the Department the names of the staff members who are instructional coaches. 
  5. If the list contains the name of an elementary teacher who teaches a supplemental class that has met the HQT requirement for elementary instruction through the HOUSSE in the past,  send either a copy of the HOUSSE form or an email to confirm HOUSSE has been met.

LEAs have until the middle of April to review and update their HQT data.   In May, we will send a letter indicating the final status of the district’s percentage of courses taught by highly qualified teachers.  If you have additional questions regarding HQT, please contact your Federal Grants Management Supervisor listed below:  -  573-751-8289  -  573-751-9124 -  573-522-6268  -  573-526-2582  -  573-751-8281  -  573-751-6762  -  573-751-4888  -  573-751-3468 – Administrative Assistant for Grants Management

Bette Morff

Coordinator, Federal Grants and Financial Management

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

PO Box 480

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Telephone:  573-751-8280

Fax:  573-526-6698