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SUBJECT:  District and School Improvement Letters and Requirements, AYP, and SES Provider Information



                Understanding Your AYP Document

The newest version of Understanding Your Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report 2010-2011 that was updated July 23, 2010 is on the NCLB webpage at  Besides describing how AYP is determined and how to read your report, all the district and building improvement letter templates and forms are included.  Districts MUST use these templates to ensure that all required information is conveyed to parents.

                formHog Mechanism to submit Documentation

DESE’s Federal Grants Management Section will be utilizing a web-based mechanism to collect documentation from districts.  District superintendents and federal program coordinators will be receiving an email from with instructions on how to set up an account to load in the documents.  Once you have an account, there will be additional information about the documents and the process.

                Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Information and Requirements

The Supplemental Educational Services (SES) documents were posted Tuesday on the SES webpage at   There are several documents providing information to assist you in meeting SES requirements.  Some are on the main SES webpage, and also on the ‘Districts’ page.  All documents have a date in the upper right corner as to when they were created or updated.  Make note of this date as you look at the webpage.  Questions/Answers G.2 and G.3 of the Non-Regulatory Guidance describes the information that is to go to parents.  It is included in the letter template and forms.

NOTE:  Districts are encouraged to host a provider fair so parents can obtain more information and ask questions of providers.  With two required enrollment windows, if you are not able to schedule a provider fair at the beginning of the year, you could schedule one before the second enrollment window.  At a minimum, districts should have a meeting for eligible parents to explain SES, answer questions, and assist parents in choosing a provider.

MO SES Provider List – This list is arranged alphabetically.  It lists the Service Area as either Statewide or Specific to guide you to the correct area of the other two documents noted below.  It includes special populations the providers can serve, and languages other than English staff can speak.

SES Provider Service Summaries This document contains a brief description of each provider taken from Part B of the SES application.  A copy of these service summaries must be distributed to parents along with the SES letter and the SES Provider Selection Form.  This document has been reformatted again this year to aid you in compiling your information.  Providers were also divided into grade levels they serve, K-12 or K-8.  The providers serving All Districts/LEAs are arranged together at the beginning of the document so you can just print and copy that whole section.  Then you will need to look under the Specific Areas section for the other provider descriptions serving your LEA to copy and print those to be included.

SES Service by Areas of the State (This document will be posted in a couple of days.)  All buildings/LEAs must notify parents of all the providers listed under Serving All Districts/LEAs.  Also, the LEA must include providers serving your building/LEA under Specific Areas of the State.  There are some providers that are highlighted in blue; an introductory paragraph explains.  You can include them in the information you send to parents, but do not enter into a contract with that provider for services until you see that the highlighting has been removed from the list on the website.  Updates will be made as documentation is received.

This is the list with the provider’s Provider Number that you need to use on the contract and evaluation results.  This list also will have a link to Part B of the SES application that gives a summary of their program.  This information is still being collected from providers, and will be added as it is received.

SES Per Pupil Allocation (PPA) for 2010-2011 – This table shows the per pupil calculation for the Title I.A allocation.  This is the minimum amount allowed each eligible child for SES.

Approved SES Provider Contact Information (NEW) – There is an Excel spreadsheet provided that includes contact name(s), phone and fax numbers, and email and mailing addresses for the providers.  This hopefully will make contacting the providers for fairs and/or services much easier.  Note - There are colored tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for different year spans.

Item to be posted in the next day or two – The SES Process Description which outlines steps for the SES process will be posted soon.

                District Website Reporting Requirements for Buildings in School


The Title I.A Regulations effective October 2008 require all districts/LEAs receiving Title I.A funds that have buildings in a school improvement status to post information on their website.  The link to the final regulations is at .

Each district/LEA is required to post information regarding School Choice and SES – even if you don’t have to offer school choice as an option.  In order to make complying with these regulations easier for you, we have made a template with the required information for each.  The templates are available on DESE’s SES webpage at ; then click on the ‘Districts’ button.

NOTE:  If your district/LEA does not have a website, you must send Mary Pearce an email stating that your LEA does not have its own website, and include the information that would be provided on the website.  The email address is below in the signature area.

                Upcoming Webinar for All Districts Providing SES and SES Providers

Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Federal Programs Section will be providing a webinar for all districts required to offer SES and for approved SES providers in the State of Missouri.  The webinar will probably be around the end of August.  It will be recorded so those not able to participate at the time can listen to it later.  It will be required for all involved district personnel and approved SES providers to listen to the webinar.  Another listserve and/or email message will give the date and details of the webinar.

If you have any questions regarding the documents or requirements, contact Mary Pearce at the phone number or email address below.

Stephen Barr

Coordinator, Federal Grants and Financial Management

Mary C. Pearce

Office of Data System Management

SES Contact

Phone:  573-526-4472

Fax:  573-526-6698