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Archived FedPro Message

SUBJECT:  Unexpended ARRA Funds


Information regarding the upcoming deadline for unexpended ARRA funds was provided to administrators on March 28, 2011 through an Administrative Memo posted at  Please note that districts with remaining ARRA funds under Title I.A, Title I.D LEA, Title I School Improvement (a), Title II.D and Homeless are asked to request reimbursement for funds expended in the May payment request so the Department can get an accurate portrayal of unexpended funds. 

In addition, districts are asked to review their budgets to be sure ARRA funds are coded in categories where they will be expended in the 2010-2011 program year.  Districts should consider spending ARRA funds before regular funds as the FY11 regular funds may be carried over for one year and expended during the 2011-2012 school year.

The deadline to submit budget amendments is April 30, 2011.

Once May payment requests have been processed, remaining unexpended ARRA balances will be analyzed.  We will contact you again to see if there is any possibility you may not expend your funds.  In which case, the Department will release those funds and reallocate to other districts.

In addition to ARRA, funds available in the Title II.D and Title IV.A programs must be budgeted and expended during the 2010-2011 program year.  If your district is unable to expend these funds by June 30, 2011, please contact us so we may redistribute to other LEAs.  If your district needs to extend the obligation date beyond June 30, 2011, contact our office at  The final date to obligate these funds is September 30, 2011. 

If you have questions, please contact our office at or 573-751-4420.

Pat Kaiser

Director, Federal Financial Management

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

PO Box 480

Jefferson City, MO  65102

Ph. 573-751-8643

Fax 573-526-6698