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Archived FedPro Message

SUBJECT:  Federally Funded Highly Qualified


As you plan for the 2012-2013 school year, please keep in mind all Federally Funded teachers must be highly qualified at the time of hire. 

Teachers must meet the requirements listed under Staff Requirements/Certificates.  Exhibit 15 of the Core Data and MOSIS Manual outlines requirements and reflects how federally paid staff should be coded.  This document can be found at   Instructional Literacy Coaches and Supplemental Reading Teachers must have a Special Reading Certificate or Masters in Reading to be considered appropriately certified.  A Reading HOUSSE form may be used if they hold one of these requirements to document content expertise.  The Special Reading Certificate allows the educator to be appropriately certified, however, to be considered highly qualified a Reading HOUSSE Form must be used to document content expertise, since there is not a praxis for Reading.  A Masters in Reading along with the proper grade level certificate allows an educator to be appropriately certified for Reading.  While through the MOSIS/Core Data system the Department is able to track if an educator has a master’s degree, the system does not track the specified content area.  Before an educator can document content expertise through a Reading HOUSSE form, a copy of the Masters in Reading transcripts must be sent to your Federal Compliance Supervisor.  Once the Masters in Reading transcript has been received, the educators will be noted as appropriately certified, at which time a Reading HOUSSE form must be completed.

All Federally Funded Paraprofessionals and all instructional paraprofessionals in a schoolwide building must meet the federal qualification at the time of hire.  Paraprofessionals must meet the requirements listed under Staff Requirements/Certificates in Exhibit 15 of the Core Data and MOSIS Manual.  All Federally Funded Para’s and all instructional pares in a schoolwide building must have 60 college hours or have passed the ParaPro Assessment. 

Additional information related to highly qualified teachers may be found at the following address:

To access a report identifying those courses identified as being paid with NCLB funds, log into web applications: 


To access a report identifying those courses paid with NCLB funds in which educators are evaluated for highly qualified, log into web applications:


After running this report, if you have educators that show “Y” (Yes) under AC (Appropriately Certified) “N” (No) under HQ, and No Expertise under HQ Message, a HOUSSE form will need to be completed using the new online HOUSSE System.  If these educators show “N” under AC, they must be reassigned for the 2012-2013 school year.


Julia Cowell

Director, Federal Compliance

Ph. 573-751-8289

Fax 573-526-6698