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For more information about the programs discussed below,

please contact the Federal Financial Management Section (573) 751-8280.

Federal Financial Management Updates

Nonpublic Issues --- On September 4th, we mailed information to the nonpublic schools regarding the Federal Programs Nonpublic Workshops to be held in October 2008.  The workshop schedule is under News & Updates on the Federal Program website http://dese.mo.gov/divimprove/fedprog/.  We encourage districts to attend the workshop in their area.   We are not asking schools to submit a registration form in order to attend a meeting.

At these workshops, we will discuss the public school/nonpublic school consultation process, program evaluation, the impact of dual enrollment, allocation procedures and other federal program issues.  The presentation will include a more detailed description of assessment and professional development requirements.

In the September 4th mailing, we included a letter regarding the Nonpublic Registration process.  A copy of that letter can be found at the Federal Program website under Financial Management; Nonpublic; Nonpublic Registration Paper Forms; Letter to Nonpublic Schools September, 2008. 

Although our office will continue to contact nonpublic schools on our registry, it is the responsibility of the public school to consult with the nonpublic schools regarding their nonpublic registration form.  The public school should notify us if new nonpublic schools open within the boundaries of their school district.


Small Rural School Achievement Grants (REAP program) ----- This portion of the e-mail applies only to districts that have received Small Rural School Achievement grants directly from the United States Education Department (USED).  

FY 06-07 Award -- It is critical that districts understand that their FY 06-07 Award must be spent and/or obligated by September 30, 2008. The district must draw down any expended FY 06-07 funds by December 31, 2008. If these funds are not spent (obligated) by September 30, 2008, they will be lost.  It is your responsibility to obligate and draw down SRSA funds.

FY 07-08 Award and FY 08-09 Awards -- The award amounts are listed on the US Education Department’s e-grants system at http://e-grants.ed.gov.   This system shows the funds allocated, expended, and balance available.  Make sure that you are aware of the deadlines to obligate/expend funds.  Based upon information received from districts, it appears the funding for FY 08-09 is 96% of the estimated formula allocation.  We expect the USDE to distribute the grant awards to the LEAs in the near future.  The SRSA spreadsheets listing LEA award amounts will be posted to the USED website at http://www.ed.gov/programs/reapsrsa/awards.html as soon as it is made available to us.

Bette Morff

Coordinator, Federal Grants and Financial Management

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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