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Archived FedPro Message

Subject:  Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Information for Buildings in School Improvement

ListServ Message Date:  August 12, 2009

The Supplemental Educational Services (SES) documents are on the SES webpages at   There are several documents providing information to assist you in meeting SES requirements.  Some are on the main SES webpage, and some are on the ‘Districts’ page.  All documents have a date in the upper right corner as to when they were created or updated.  Make note of this date as you look at the webpage.  Questions/Answers G.2 and G.3 of the Non-Regulatory Guidance describes the information that is to go to parents.  You might also want to refer to the SES Process Description for explanation of things to do.

MO SES Provider List – This list is arranged alphabetically.  It lists the Service Area as either Statewide or Specific to guide you to the correct area of the other two documents noted below.  This list also will have links to Part B of the SES application that gives additional information, including contact information and mailing address for the provider.  The links should be active by the end of the week as staff has time to scan information into the document.

SES Service by Areas of the State All buildings/LEAs must notify parents of all the providers listed under Serving All Districts/LEAs.  Also, the LEA must include providers serving your building/LEA under Specific Areas of the State.  Two providers are highlighted and have a comment, Pending Further Documentation.  You can include them in the information you send to parents, but do not enter into a contract with that provider for services until you see that the comment has been removed from the list on the website.  Updates will be made as documentation is received.

SES Provider Service Summaries This document contains a brief description of each provider taken from Part B of the SES application.  A copy of these service summaries must be distributed to parents along with the SES letter and the SES Provider Selection Form.  This document has been reformatted this year.  The providers serving All Districts/LEAs are arranged together at the beginning of the document so you can just print and copy that whole section.  Then you will need to look under the Specific Areas section for the other provider descriptions serving your LEA to copy and print those to be included. 

SES Per Pupil Allocation (PPA) for 2009-2010 – This table shows calculations for the regular Title I.A and the ARRA allocations.  The required PPA is the combined Title I.A and ARRA calculation until the LEA is granted a waiver to only use the regular Title I.A allocation.   Information on the waiver process will be available on the ARRA website later this week.

Reminder – A July 16, 2009 listserve message was sent regarding information required on district/LEA websites.  Make sure you have the required information posted as soon as possible.  The district/LEA will have to post updated information throughout the year.  The message can be found at

If you have any questions regarding the documents or requirements, contact Mary Pearce at the phone number or email address below.


Mary C. Pearce

Supervisor, Federal Programs

SES Contact

Phone:  573-526-4472

Fax:  573-526-6698