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Archived FedPro Message

Subject:  ePeGS Issues

List Serve Message Date:  July 6, 2009

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When using the ePeGS system, DO NOT use the Back Button or the Tab feature.  We believe the use of those buttons causes problems for which we do not have a programming solution.

Application Issues

As of this morning, there are 89 school districts that have not submitted their 2009-2010 NCLB Consolidated Application.  Please contact your Grants Management (GM) supervisor if you need assistance.

The GM supervisors are beginning to review and approve the 2009-2010 NCLB Consolidated Applications.  They will be contacting you over the next month or so to resolve funding issues.  Please respond to their inquiries in a timely manner.   Before approval is granted, all required documentation must be submitted to your GM supervisor.  These include Nonpublic Consultation forms; Supplement, Not Supplant Worksheets if you are using federal funds for class size reduction; Neglected/Delinquent Consultation forms; and appropriate strategies linked to the program through the ePeGS planning tool.

Planning Issues

Building level plans in ePeGS:  Some of you may have noticed that some of the building level plans are not displaying in the proper location.  There have been 2 separate issues with the display of these plans that have affected multiple districts:

Our IT department is aware of this issue and is working diligently to resolve the problem.

Bette Morff

Coordinator, Federal Grants and Financial Management

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

PO Box 480

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Telephone:  573-751-8280

Fax:  573-526-6698