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Archived FedPro Message

Subject:  Title I.A Requirements for All LEAs

List Serve Message Date:  July 16, 2009

The Title I.A Regulations effective October 2008 require all districts/LEAs receiving Title I.A funds that have buildings in School Improvement to post information on their website.  The link to the final regulations is at .

Each district/LEA is required to post information regarding School Choice and SES – even if you don’t have to offer that option.  In order to make complying with these regulations easier for you, we have made a template with the required information for each.  The templates are available on DESE’s SES webpage at ; click on the ‘Districts’ button.

Note:  If your district/LEA does not have a website, please send Mary Pearce an email stating that your LEA does not have its own website.  My email address is below in the signature area.

Also, there is an updated version of the letters districts/LEAs need to send for School Improvement and Supplemental Educational Services (SES).  The School Improvement letter will be in the new version of Understanding Your AYP and the SES letter is located under ‘Districts’ on the SES webpage (link above).

If you need further information or have questions, please contact Mary Pearce at 573-526-4472.

Mary C. Pearce

Supervisor, Federal Programs

SES Contact

Phone:  573-526-4472

Fax:  573-526-6698