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FY03 Approved Grants

DESE Letterhead

June 24, 2002 

TO:              School Administrator

FROM:          Deborah S. Sutton, Director
                    Instructional Technology  

SUBJECT:      Approval Status of Title IID eMINTS grant application   

The Department has completed its review of applications for competitive grants under the Enhancing Education Through Technology (Ed Tech) Program and is prepared to announce those receiving tentative approval for fiscal year 2003. Congratulations, your Title IID eMINTS grant has been tentatively approved. Enclosed are a copy of your reader score sheets and a listing of the 40 grants approved for the FY03 program. 

The Department received 74 applications, requesting over $6.3 million. A panel of five readers reviewed and evaluated each application. A total of 100 points is possible. Up to 50 points can be awarded on the merits of the application and 50 points based on need data. The Department assigned up to 30 points based on poverty data and 20 points based on census of technology, MSIP and APR data.  Approval decisions were made on the basis of the ranking, the number of slots available overall and in each cluster, and the money appropriated for the Title IID competitive grant program. 

Tentative approval means the grant has been “substantially approved” as of July 1, 2002. Substantial approval allows the district to begin grant activities. Final approval is necessary before the Department can issue the first payment. 

Your grant application will not receive final approval until it has been successfully negotiated. Instructional Technology and MOREnet staffs will negotiate tentatively approved grants on Thursday and Friday, June 27-28.  Contact Instructional Technology at 573-751-8247 to schedule a negotiation appointment. 

The Department’s Instructional Technology and MOREnet staffs look forward to finalizing your application and working with you this coming year.

FY03 Title IID eMINTS Participants

Cluster                  Districts Receiving Tentative Approval

Bootheel                     4 Districts Approved 
                                              018-047            East Carter County R-II
                                              072-066            Risco R-II
                                              090-076            Southern Reynolds Co. R-2
                                              103-128            Bell City R-II

Central                        5 Districts Approved 
                                              010-090            Sturgeon R-V
                                              026-002            Cole County R-II   
                                              027-056            Cooper County R-IV
                                              045-077            Fayette R-III
                                              080-125            Sedalia #200

East                           9 Districts Approved
                                              050-001            Northwest R-1
                                              050-012            Fox C-6
                                              051-003            Troy R-III
                                              092-089            Wentzville R-IV
                                              096-089            Ferguson-Florissant R-II
                                              096-093            Lindbergh R-VIII
                                              096-094            Mehlville R-IX
                                              096-119            Special School District St. Louis County
                                              113-001             Warren County R-III

 Northeast                   No slots available

Northwest                   2 Districts Approved
                                              041-003            North Harrison R-III 
                                              113-001            Worth County R-III

South                          3 Districts Approved
                                              046-131             Willow Springs R-IV
                                              077-101            Bakersfield R-IV 
                                              077-102            Gainesville R-V

South Central             6 Districts Approved 
                                             015-003             Climax Springs R-IV 
                                             028-102            Crawford County R-2
                                             030-093            Dallas County R-1
                                             037-037            Gasconade County R-II 
                                             085-044            Pulaski County R-IV
                                             085-046            Waynesville R-VI

Southeast                   5 Districts Approved 
                                            050-003            Hillsboro R-3
                                            094-083            North St. Francois County R-I
                                            094-087            West St. Francois County R-IV
                                            110-014             Kingston K-12
                                            110-029            Potosi R-III

Southwest                  6 Districts Approved)
                                            005-124            Purdy R-II
                                            055-104            Miller R-II            
                                            073-108            Neosho R-5            
                                            084-001            Bolivar  R-I
                                            084-004            Humansville R-IV
                                            108-143            Bronaugh R-VII

West                          No slots available