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How to Develop, Implement, and Evaluate Action Plans

Becky Klein, Raymore Peculiar R-II School District

The action items within our district technology plan are developed with input from a variety of resources:

Building Technology committees—Each building has a committee of 5-7 teachers representing grade/subject areas whose purpose is to identify technology needs related to software, hardware, and training.

CSIP Building committees—Each building’s CSIP team develops action items for their building to improve the instructional focus of the school. 

District Strategic Plan committee—This committee, representing parents, business members, students, teachers, and administration, develops long range goals for the district. 

School Board and District Administration—As needs are identified in the district, the utilization of technology to fulfill these needs is recognized. 

Overall technology goals are developed from items submitted by these resources.  Within these goals, incremental action items are developed to help us achieve these goals. 

Implementation is obtained by identifying monetary resources through district funds and grant applications.  Responsibility is assigned to building personnel if the action item involves only one building.  Training needs are routed through the district professional development committee with assistance and guidance from the district technology facilitator who is responsible for technology training.  Integration of technology with the curriculum is a joint effort between the technology division, curriculum director, and building principals.  Hardware and software implementation is carried out by the technology division and building technology facilitators who assist with software installation and training.  

Evaluation of action items is completed with surveys of teacher/student satisfaction, student achievement data, exhibition of student/teacher learning (projects, web pages, portfolios), and inventories of hardware obtained, software installed, or improvement of technology services.  Pre- and post-surveys are helpful along with the annual census of technology in determining the completion of technology action items.