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Favorite Titles and Authors by Gender and Grade Level

Submitted by Missouri Library Media Specialists

Grades        1-5       5-8        MS      HS

Grades 1-5

Grades Girls Favorite Guys Favorite
1-2   Dinosaur books
1-4   Haines, Shirley
1-4   Sport books
1-6   The Culpeper Adventures
2-3   Cam Jansen Mysteries
2-3   Encyclopedia Brown
2-3   The A-Z Mysteries
2-3   The Boxcar Mysteries
3-6   Christopher, Matt
4-5   Chronicles of Narnia
4-5   Hardy Boys
4-5   Military subjects
4-5   Series of Unfortunate Events

Grades 5-8

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Grades Girls Favorite Guys Favorite
Because of Winn-Dixie Autoweek magazine
5-8 A Child Called It BMX magazine
5-8 Dear America series Bud Not Buddy
5-8 Mystery Books Calvin and Hobbes
5-8 She Said Yes Crash
5-8 The Watson's Go To Birmingham, 1963 Eragon
5-8   ESPN magazine
5-8   Freak the Mighty
5-8   Garfield
5-8   Goosebumps series
5-8   Lord of the Rings series
5-8   Motocross magazine
5-8   Sports Books
5-8   Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine
5-8   The Watsons Go To Birmingham, 1963
5-8   Thief Lord
5-8   Touching Spirit Bear
5-8   Where the Red Fern Grows
5-8   Zach's Lie

Middle School

Grades Girls Favorite Guys Favorite
MS Harry Potter series Alex Rider Adventure series
MS Word-Up magazine Artemis Fowl series
MS Holes Cirque du Freak series
MS   Ender's Game 
MS   Fear Street
MS   Harry Potter series
MS   Hinton, S.E.
MS   Hobbs, Will
MS   Holes
MS   Korman, Gordon
MS   Morris, Gerald
MS   Night of the Twisters
MS   Paulsen, Gary
MS   Pendragon series
MS   Redwall series
MS   Sasquatch
MS   Taylor, Mildred
MS   Taylor, Theodore
MS   The Lost Years of Merlin series
MS   The Wish List
MS   Tolkien, J.R.R.
MS   Warrior's of Camlann
MS   You Wouldn't Want to Be….(nonfiction series)

High School

Grades Girls Favorite Guys Favorite
HS Girl Interrupted 1984
HS Gingerbread Adams, Douglas
HS Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Andrews, V.C.
HS Lovely Bones Anthony, Piers
HS Princess Diaries  Brave New World
HS Rennison, Louise Brooks, Terry
HS The Truth about Forever Brown, Dan
HS A Child Called It Card, Orson Scott
HS A Handmaid's Tale Catcher in the Rye
HS Cut Cirque du Freak series
HS McDaniel, Lurlene Clockwork Orange
HS Mists of Avalon Cobra Event
HS The Giver Crichton, Michael
HS Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia Crutcher, Chris
HS The Pact Da Vinci Code
HS   Dune
HS   Ender's Game 
HS   Ender's Shadow
HS   Give a Boy A Gun
HS   Goodkind, Terry
HS   Goodman, Robert
HS   Grisham, John
HS   Handbook for Boys
HS   Hatchet series
HS   Hinton, S.E.
HS   Hobbs, Will
HS   Hole in My life
HS   Holes
HS   Horse Thief
HS   In the Forests of the Night series
HS   Jacques, Brian
HS   Jordan, Robert
HS   King, Stephen
HS   L'Amour, Louis
HS   Mists of Avalon
HS   Monster
HS   Outsiders
HS   Pratchett, Terry
HS   Preston, Richard
HS   Redwall series
HS   Salvatore, R.A.
HS   Slaughterhouse Five
HS   Soldier Boys
HS   Son of the Mob
HS   St. Michael's Scales
HS   The Squire's Tale
HS   Wild Man Island
HS   Williams, Tad