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Library Media Centers

Why Is Print Still Needed? 

Submitted by Missouri Library Media Specialists

  • Allows the reader to use his/her imagination
  • Allows the reader to use his/her creativity
  • Books are easier on the eyes and the reader doesn't have to sit in a chair 
  • Books are more portable
  • Can't curl up with a computer
  • Can't take a computer to the bathtub, beach, etc. and read
  • Electronic limits the student seeing the "big picture"
  • Having a book physically in hand allows a student to luxuriously enjoy the words written on the page, to lavish in them, and to refer back to other parts of a book instead of being on one page at any given time.
  • Illustrations, photographs, etc. are often missing from electronic
  • Loss or damage of a book is less traumatic
  • Never enough computers to go around
  • Print and electronic compliment each other.
  • Print is not reliant upon electricity working or equipment working
  • Readers still want to touch the reading materials with their hands
  • Students become emotionally attached to print -- difficult with equipment
  • Students need to practice, practice, practice to improve and solidify their reading strategies that are taught in the classroom.
  • Students want to highlight and underline information
  • Students want to use post-it notes to mark places for later reference
  • The children without computers at home would be at a greater disadvantage
  • Visual learners may associate color, style of type, size of cover, and other visual features to create relationships
  • Who wants to print out 100, 200, etc pages?  If going to do that, have the book
  • You can always carry a book or other print with you and read when you have a few extra minutes