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Advance Questionnaire Survey Information

The Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) uses survey data obtained from students, parents, and school staff to help evaluate educational processes in a district.  Specific directions for administering the MSIP advance questionnaires are provided to the Superintendent two to four weeks prior to the district receiving these questionnaires.  These directions are also sent with the forms shipped to each district.  Districts should review these directions carefully in order to facilitate the administration process and to provide as much confidentiality to respondents as possible. Districts also have the option of adding up to ten (10) questions to all surveys except the elementary (grades 3-4) and the elementary (grade 5)  forms. All parents of students (grades K-12) enrolled in the district and all staff members are provided the opportunity to complete a survey through the MSIP advance questionnaire process.  Students in grades 3-12 are also given the opportunity to complete a student survey.  Individual students, parents, and staff members always have the option not to respond to any item on the survey or not to complete a survey at all. (Districts may ask that the questionnaires be administered early; in most cases, it is possible to accommodate such requests.) 

Survey Deficiencies
It is important that we receive as many surveys back from your district as possible.  Advance Questionnaire results become part of your district’s MSIP Accreditation final report.  Deficiencies in survey responses are based on the following return rate percentages:

staff -               60% 
student-            60%
parent-             25%

If your district has a significant deficiency, our office will inform you, as well as your district’s state supervisor.  Your district will then be given an option as to whether or not you wish to re-administer to the specific group identified or possibly not have disaggregated results for that particular building. 

If you have any questions regarding the advance questionnaire survey process or the report, contact Missouri School Improvement Program by e-mail: or by phone at (573) 751-3190.