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Appeal Procedures

 July 22, 2013 - August 9, 2013

Assessment Score Appeal

The data release schedule includes an opportunity to make corrections to 2013 data and appeal test scores much earlier than in years past. This will allow districts an opportunity to review data before the release of the MSIP5 APR and will accommodate a narrower window of time between the secured release and final posting of the APR

MSIP5 College and Career Readiness - Corrections for students not found in the CCR measures provided from third party vendors (i.e. data such as ACT, SAT, COMPASS, AP etc…) can be submitted to the Department using the following form:


To Appeal Assessment Administrative Anomalies the following information must be included in your written request on district letterhead signed by your superintendent.

All written requests should be faxed to (573) 522-6384.