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Core Data Collection System

The Core Data Collection System is a Web-based data collection system with interactive edits.  Included in the system are several integrated screens that are used to update or enter new information.  Data items are entered only once and are collected at the lowest level to maximize their usefulness in compliance with various state and federal reporting requirements. 

School districts report data items six times during the year:  beginning-of-the-year items in the August and October cycles, midyear items in the December, February, and April cycles, and end-of-the-year items in the June cycle.  Information reported is based upon the most current data available. 

The August cycle submission is due August 15 and includes information used in producing the School Directory, estimated ADA, actual summer school attendance and membership, and planned school calendar data.  Data are reported on Screens 02 - District Data, 03 - District Contact Personnel, 04 - District Directory, 06 - District Tax Data, 08 - Attendance Center, 10 and 10A - School Calendar, and 16 - Enrollment, Membership and Summer School. 

The October cycle submission is due October 15 and includes information about LEP census data, educators, courses and assignments, enrollment, September membership and gifted education.  Data are reported on Screens 05 - District LEP Census Data, 16 - Enrollment, Membership and Summer School, 18 - Educator Data, 20 - Course and Assignment Data, 21 - Educator Vacancy, 22 - Sending School Courses and Enrollment, and 25 - Gifted Education. 

The December cycle submission is due December 15 and includes information required for federal special education reports.  Data are reported on Screen 11 - Special Education Placement Counts by Age during this cycle. 

The February cycle submission is due February 15 and includes follow-up data on graduates, January membership, count of students home schooled, count of students eligible for free or reduced lunch using federal programs eligibility guidelines and in accordance with State Statutes, and ending fund balance as of Dec 31.  Data are reported on Screens 08 - Attendance Center, 15 - Home School/Free and Reduced Lunch, 16 - Enrollment, Membership and Summer School, 26 - Career Education Follow-Up, 27 - Career Education Follow-Up - Sending School, 29 - Post Secondary Adult Follow-Up, and December 31 Fund Balance. 

The April cycle submission is due April 15 and includes information previously reported on the Census of Technology.  Data are reported on Screens 30 - District Level Census of Technology and 31 - Building Level Census of Technology. 

The June cycle submission should be made by June 30 and, in no case, later than July 15.  End-of-the-year data are reported on Screens 07 - Library Media Center, 09 - Discipline Incidents, 10 and 10A - School Calendar, 12 - Special Education Exiter Counts by Age, 13 – Secondary Headcount, 14 - Attendance, 14A - Resident II Attendance, 14B - Resident II Grade Point Average, 17 - Physical Fitness Assessment, 19 - Professional Development, and 24 - Summer School Courses and Enrollment. 

After all data items have been entered or updated for the appropriate cycle, an option is selected which checks for errors or incomplete data.  When all errors have been eliminated, the data are submitted to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Optionally, paper reports may be printed.