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About School Core Data

The School Core Data section is responsible for the collection, compilation and dissemination of descriptive statistics about Missouri public schools, including publication and distribution of the Missouri School Directory, the Annual Report of the Public Schools of Missouri and the School District Profiles. Educational statistics are provided to the Missouri State Teachers Association, National Education Association, US Office of Education, and other organizations that seek information about Missouri public schools. The section maintains databases of Missouri public school information and performs ad hoc queries to provide historical data and specialized reports in response to individual requests.

The section manages the Core Data Collection System, a web-based data collection system with interactive edits used by each of the 522 local school districts. Districts submit data six times annually supplying data to a relational database maintained on a mainframe computer at DESE. This provides the basic data used to generate various state and federal payments and to determine compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations. Section staff provide technical support to district personnel, review edits and contact district personnel to resolve discrepancies.

The oversight of data collection activities in the department is also a responsibility of this section. The section administers the forms management and data control system used to coordinate department data collection activities by reviewing and monitoring instruments designed to collect data, maintaining the department's Annual Data Plan and disseminating the approved Data Acquisition Calendar to school administrators.