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Office of Data System Management

Resources for Access to the Compliance Plan System


The following documents, administrative memos and webinars discuss the steps taken to make this change, give information about accessing previous years’ data, and general information about using the CPS.

Guidance document for the CPS 

Administrative Memo  1-08-13  DSM-13-001 Planning Tool

ePeGS Listserv Message March 5   


Recorded Webinars

This session introduces the overall changes to the ePeGS Planning Tool, and informs districts of the new process designed to simplify the creation and submission of planning documents.  Presented by the Office of Data System Management on 1-7-13 

This webinar explains the navigation, creation and submission of plans, requirements and timelines for the planning process. The planning process will be used to submit the following plans: Educational Technology; Perkins (Secondary and Postsecondary); Schoolwide, Titles I.A, I.C, I.D, III-LEP, III-Immigrant; CSIP; District Accountability; Priority and Focus School Accountability.   Presented by the Office of Data System Management on 2-14-13 


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