Educator Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

[General] [Background Check]


  1. Where should I mail my correspondence?
  2. How can I obtain a copy of my certificate?
  3. Where do I find my certificate number?
  4. Once I have applied online or made a written inquiry, how long should I wait for a response?
  5. How may I check the status of my application?What is the fee to upgrade to a career level certificate?
  6. Can I obtain my initial teaching certificate by holding a bachelor’s degree and passing a Praxis test? 
  7. Can I add an area of certification by passing a Praxis  test? 
  8. I took and passed a Praxis test.  Why doesn’t the additional area show on my certificate? 
  9. Will my degree and/or coursework be accepted for certification?
  10. What classes can I teach with my certificate? 
  11. Am I a Highly Qualified Teacher?


  12. Do I have to complete a Missouri background check if I have recently completed one in another state?
  13. How long does it take for the background check to be completed?
  14. What is the fee for a background check?
  15. Will I be notified of the results of my background check?
  16. If I am upgrading my certificate or applying for an additional area of certification, do I have to be fingerprinted again?
  17. If I am changing school districts do I have to be fingerprinted again?
  18. Can I receive a certificate if I have felony or misdemeanor charges and/or convictions?
  19. Am I subject to disciplinary action if I resign at my school district and take a position at another school district?