Praxis II: Assessments

The Praxis II Content Knowledge/Specialty Area Assessments are included among the Praxis Series of professional examinations, which was developed and is administered by the Educational Testing Service.  The assessments are designed to measure knowledge of specific subjects and teaching skills that candidates for B-12 certification have acquired through the completion of professional education programs.  The Missouri State Board of Education has adopted the following assessments and their respective qualifying scores for each corresponding area of professional certification.

Who must take the Praxis II?

All applicants for an initial Missouri certificate of license to teach must successfully complete the designated Praxis II Content Knowledge examination corresponding to the subject area for which certification is being sought.  If no content knowledge or specialty area test has been designated for an area of certification, the applicant must take the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching test corresponding to the grade range of certification being sought.  (See listings below)

Individuals who have completed a state-approved teacher preparation program in multiple content areas and are seeking an initial Missouri certificate of license to teach in each of those areas are required to successfully complete the Praxis II content knowledge or specialty area test only for the area designated as the primary area of certification.

Individuals having a current Missouri professional certificate of license to teach may acquire certification in additional areas by successfully completing the Praxis II test designated for the additional area of certification sought. 

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