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About the Missouri Heritage Project

Missouri’s heritage can be found in a variety of locales…in the records of the county courthouse, the forests and plains, or in family memories. The mountains, the rivers, or a local sheriff’s office may have been the setting for the stories.  Our heritage plays an integral part in our development as a The Show-Me State.  Local legends, church libraries and dusty newspaper archives are all rich resources to describe where Missourians came from, what we aspired to and who we are.  Missourians are much more mobile these days, communities are much less permanent, much of our history has been pushed aside to make way for daily living. If we are ever to make sense of our rich heritage, these memories must be accessible and available; kept so others might understand.

In an effort to keep the heritage of Missouri alive and passed down, we developed the Missouri Heritage Project Web site.  Here you can find resources for a myriad of Missouri topics, share what you know about your area, or contact others to learn more about their “neck of the woods.”

If you have a unit, a resource, or a class project that deals with Missouri history, geography or some aspect of its development, please send us the link or the information so we can share it with others.  Districts or schools that have completed projects on local history can add their links to this page so others can see their projects. It’s also a place for teachers to check for resources on Missouri topics like Lewis and Clark and Missouri government.

If you have a question or need to find some information, send in your request.  Visit the site often to see what’s new.