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Revised Statutes of Missouri Related to Home Schooling

Sections 162.996, 167.031 through 167.071, and Section 210.167 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri provide the framework for home schooling in Missouri.

  • Section 162.996
    Handicapped children attending private, parochial, parish or home schools, districts may provide special educational services--state aid, how calculated.
  • Section 167.031
    School attendance compulsory, who may be excused--nonattendance, penalty--home school, definition, requirements--school year defined--daily log, defense to prosecution.
  • Section 167.042
    Home school, declaration of enrollment, contents--filing with recorder of deeds or chief school officer--fee.
  • Section 167.071
    School attendance officers in seven-director districts, powers and duties--powers of police officers in certain areas.
  • Section 210.167
    Report to school district on violations of compulsory school attendance law--referral by school district to prosecutor, when.