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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Special Education End of Year Reporting

Source: Mary Corey, Director, Data Coordination

Intended Audience: Special Education Administrators, Core Data/MOSIS Personnel

Date: April 20, 2010

End of year collections for students with disabilities include exiting and discipline data, as well as Early Childhood Outcome data for children in Early Childhood Special Education.  All of this data is reported at the student level through the MOSIS data collection system.  We highly recommend you work closely with the MOSIS coordinator in your district to ensure the special education data is reported correctly.  MOSIS training is available through regional trainings and webinars.  See for more information on the MOSIS reporting system.  

Special Education exit data is reported through the MOSIS Student Core and MOSIS Student Enrollment and Attendance files.  Report all exiters from special education, even if the student was not on your December 1 special education child count.  Any student who has exited special education from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010, (graduates, dropouts, return to regular education, etc.) should have the IEP disability code reported in the Student Core file.  Both the Special Education Program Exit Code in the MOSIS Student Core file and the Exit Code in the MOSIS Student Enrollment and Attendance file will be considered when populating Screen 12 with the Special Education exit data.  If the MOSIS Student Core file indicates a special education exit code of 01-Return to Regular Education or 17-Parent Withdrew Student (from Special Education), that exit code will be used to populate Screen 12.  For students with disabilities without special education exit codes 01 or 17, the students' final Exit Code in the MOSIS Student Enrollment and Attendance file will be used to populate Screen 12.

Discipline data is reported through the MOSIS Student Discipline Incident file.  The file should include all discipline incidents for all students, regular and special education, that resulted in in-school or out-of-school suspensions of ½ day or longer.  Each removal should only be reported once, even if the length or type of removal is modified.  For further information, see the Core Data Manual Screen 9 and/or the MOSIS Data Collection Component User's Guide. 

New fields in the June Student Core file will collect data on Early Childhood Outcomes for children who entered or exited ECSE during this school year.  This MOSIS collection replaces the spreadsheet used in previous years.  Please work with your MOSIS coordinator to ensure that the ECO data are included in the Student Core file.  See for ECO information and training materials.

The data for students with disabilities will be included in your Special Education District Profiles and are used for various decision-making purposes by the Division.

If you have programmatic questions regarding the end-of-year collections, contact the Special Education Data Coordination Section at 573-751-7848 or email  Technical questions regarding the MOSIS system should be taken to your district's MOSIS coordinator.