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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Change in Due Date for ARRA Reports to December 10

Source: Funds Management Section, Division of Financial and Administrative Services

Intended Audience: Special Education Directors, Financial Administrators, Superintendents

Date: December 1, 2010

Action Required: Yes

After discussions on ARRA reporting timelines, the Department has changed the due date for ARRA reports to December 10 instead of December 15.  This will give Department staff time to review and contact districts with any needed revisions and allow districts ample time to make those revisions before they leave for winter break. 

The ARRA Reporting web page is located on DESE Web Applications  This webpage is accessible by LEA staff with ASBR, ePeGS, Special Education, or School Food Service authority.  This reporting period should include all ARRA expenditures from October 1, 2010, through December 31, 2010.

The jobs created/retained data from the prior quarter for each grant is displayed and rolled over to the new quarter.  If there are no changes, the authorized district person will check the "LEA assures data have been reviewed and are correct" box on the bottom of the screen and click the SAVE button.  Once this has been completed, the district will be done with that grant and would then proceed to the next grant until all have been reviewed and revised as needed.  There is no "SUBMIT" button.  Once the information is saved by the LEA, the Department will access and use the data that is saved.

Additional data the state is required to report are payments with ARRA funds to vendors and for infrastructure expenditures.  The required items are explained in the ARRA WEB REPORTING FORM INSTRUCTIONS document located at

Please call the Funds Management Section at (573) 751-0622 or email at if you have any questions.