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Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled

Questions Regarding Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled Eligibility


  1. What are the evaluation criteria to be considered for Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled?
  2. What should a school district consider before requesting MSSD eligibility?
  3. Is there a form that MSSD requires for the Justification for Separate School Placement?
  4. When should we change the number of minutes and consider the student placement options on the IEP?
  5. What documentation does the local school district need to send to MSSD for an eligibility determination?
  6. What is the process/timeline for an eligibilty determination?
  7. What is the next step once the local school district has been notified that a student has been found eligibile for MSSD?
  8. A student currently attending MSSD moves into our district, how should we proceed in order to continue placement in MSSD?
  9. A student from another district who was in a separate day school facility (not part of MSSD) has recently moved into our district, what must we do in order to have MSSD consider elgibility or enrollment?