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Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled


Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled
Administrative Service Area Map
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State Schools and Locations

Listing by Area Order | Listing by Numerical Order



6   Lakeview Woods,  Lee’s Summit 1   Greene Valley, Springfield 2   Mapaville State School, Mapaville
8   Delmar A. Cobble, Columbia  3   H. Kenneth Kirchner, Jefferson City 7   Boonslick, St. Peters
9   Maple Valley, Kansas City 4   Shady Grove, Poplar Bluff 10   Bootheel, Clarkton
12   B. W. Sheperd, Kansas City  18   Ozark Horizon, West Plains 11   Parkview, Cape Girardeau
20  Verelle Peniston, Chillicothe  23   B. W. Robinson, Rolla 14   Lillian Schaper, Bowling Green
21   E. W. Thompson,  Sedalia  27   Crowley Ridge, Dexter 15   Special Acres, Park Hills
32   Helen M. Davis, St. Joseph 30   Skyview, Mountain Grove 24   Citadel, Potosi
45   Briarwood, Harrisonville  34   Oakview, Monett 36   Mississippi Valley, Hannibal
56   Prairie View, Marshall 48   College View, Joplin 40   Autumn Hill, Union
71   Rolling Meadow, Higginsville  55   Dogwood Hills, Eldon 49   New Dawn, Sikeston
75   Dale M. Thompson/Trails West, Kansas City   60   Current River, Doniphan 70   Gateway/Hubert Wheeler, St. Louis
  61   Ozark Hills, Salem
66   Cedar Ridge, Nevada



Schools by Numerical Order

 1   Greene Valley School, Springfield 15   Special Acres School, Park Hills 45   Briarwood School, Harrisonville
 2   Mapaville School, Mapaville 18   Ozark Horizon School, West Plains 48   College View School, Joplin
 3   H. Kenneth Kirchner School, Jefferson City 20   Verelle Peniston School, Chillicothe 49   New Dawn School, Sikeston
 4   Shady Grove School, Poplar Bluff 21   E.W. Thompson School, Sedalia 55   Dogwood Hills School, Eldon
 6   Lakeview Woods School, Lee's Summit  23   B.W. Robinson School, Rolla 56   Prairie View School, Marshall
 7   Boonslick School, St. Peters 24   Citadel School, Potosi 60   Current River School, Doniphan
 8   Delmar A. Cobble School, Columbia 27   Crowley Ridge School, Dexter 61   Ozark Hills School, Salem
 9   Maple Valley School, Kansas City 30   Skyview School, Mountain Grove 66   Cedar Ridge School, Nevada
10   Bootheel School, Clarkton 32   Helen M. Davis School, St. Joseph 70   Gateway/Hubert Wheeler School, St. Louis
11   Parkview School, Cape Girardeau 34   Oakview School, Monett 71   Rolling Meadow School, Higginsville
12   B.W. Sheperd School, Kansas City 36   Mississippi Valley School, Hannibal 75   Dale M. Thompson/Trails West School, 
Kansas City
14   Lillian Schaper School, Bowling Green 40   Autumn Hill School, Union



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