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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Newsletters from Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled (MSSD)

Source: Merv Blunt, Director for Program Services

Intended Audience: Special and general education administrators and teachers, counselors, and related service providers

Date: January 16, 2013

Staff Highlights Newsletters from the Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled (MSSD) are available on the web at  The articles are written by teachers and staff of MSSD and provide practical strategies for students with severe disabilities.

The Staff Highlights Newsletter contains information related to:

* Various disabilities which appear in combination with severe disabilities

* Strategies to enhance the opportunity for a student to be successful

* Solutions for daily problems that occur at school/home

* Interventions which improve inappropriate behaviors (from mild to severe)

* Special events occurring at MSSD schools

The Parent Focus, a newsletter for parents of students attending MSSD, is also available at the link above.  The Parent Focus contains relevant information a parent can use in the home setting.