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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Deadline for Capital Outlay Requests with ARRA Funds

Source: Special Education Finance

Intended Audience: Superintendents, Special Education Directors, Finance Administrators, ECSE Coordinators

Date: August 17, 2011

As you know, all ARRA funds must be expended by September 30, 2011, and approval from DESE must be obtained before those funds can be expended on Capital Outlay (buses, vehicles, real estate, new construction, or renovation projects).  Therefore, the Division is asking LEAs that would like to use remaining ECSE ARRA or Part B ARRA funds for buses, vehicles, real estate, construction, or renovations to submit Capital Outlay Purchase Approval Requests to the Division for prior approval no later than August 31, 2011.  

For both the Capital Outlay Purchase Approval Request form for Part B ARRA funds AND the Capital Outlay Purchase Approval Request form for ECSE ARRA funds, go to   

We will not approve requests submitted after August 31, 2011, as there is not sufficient time for the Division to process the request, the capital outlay project to be completed, and for the LEA to expend the funds.

If you have any questions, please contact the Special Education Finance Section at (573) 751-0622.