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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Staff Assignment Report

Source: Mary Corey, Data Coordination, Office of Data System Management

Intended Audience: Superintendents and Directors of Special Education

Date:  September 11, 2013

Educator course and assignment information is reported in the MOSIS October cycle due October 15.  Updated resources on reporting special education staff are available at

In addition, the Staff Assignment Report provides the certification and highly qualified status for educators' assignments reported in the MOSIS October Educator files.  The Staff Assignment Report can be accessed from two places within the DESE Web Application System: 

1-Core Data Collection System (Data Collection link under Cross-Divisional): Select Reports, then Special Reports, then Staff Assignment Report. 

2-Educator Qualifications (under Cross-Divisional Systems): Select Report Menu, then Staff Assignment Report.

The Staff Assignment Report can be run the day after your district certifies the MOSIS October Educator files.  The report can be limited to special education staff by selecting Program Codes 06, 17, and 19.  Additional instructions for using the Staff Assignment Report are available at

We encourage districts to use this report to verify the teaching assignments reported.  Any corrections to the assignments need to be made in MOSIS. 

If you would like to review the Staff Assignment Report with Special Education Data Coordination staff to resolve any questions or certification issues, please contact us at 573-751-7848 or email