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Special Education Listserv

Subject: State Regulations/IDEA

Source: Bonnie Aaron, Director, Compliance

Intended Audience: Directors of Special Education, Special Education Contacts, Stakeholders

Date: October 28, 2011


As a result of an internal reorganization, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (department) is transferring regulations from the Division of Special Education to the Division of Learning Services, Office of Special Education.  Effective August 16, 2011, the following rules were transferred to the Division of Learning Services, Office of Special Education and now have new numbers.  The content of the rules have not changed.

[5 CSR 70-742.140] 5 CSR 20-300.110 Individuals with Disabilities Act Part B

[5 CSR 70-742.141] 5 CSR 20-300.120 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part C

[5 CSR 70-742.165] 5 CSR 20-300.130 State Agency Payments to School Districts for Educational Services

[5 CSR 70-742.170] 5 CSR 20-300.140 Extraordinary Cost Fund

[5 CSR 70-760.070] 5 CSR 20-300.150 Administrative Policies of the State Schools for Severely [Handicapped] Disabled Regarding Approved Private Agencies

[5 CSR 70-770.010] 5 CSR 20-300.160 Establishment of Sheltered Workshops

[5 CSR 70-770.020] 5 CSR 20-300.170 Operation of Extended Employment Sheltered Workshops

[5 CSR 70-770.030] 5 CSR 20-300.180 Renewal or Revocation of a Certificate of Authority

[5 CSR 70-770.040] 5 CSR 20-300.190 Approval of Eligible Employees

[5 CSR 70-770.050] 5 CSR 20-300.200 Disbursement of Funds

The final regulations, as renumbered, can be found on at  Responsible public agencies should be following the provisions of IDEA 2004, the federal regulations, and the state regulations including the Missouri State Plan for Special Education-2010.